Studying abroad? Learn how to save money on International Calls with Pure Minutes!

When preparing to study abroad there are many considerations to bear in mind. What kind of backpack to bring, making sure room and board is covered, and making sure to bring the right type of clothing for the season. However, while all of these definitely important, there are some absolutely essential tasks to consider before heading overseas.

While many countries advise keeping the original passport on hand, many do not feel safe carrying it as risk of theft or loss increases during holiday. Consider keeping a clear scanned copy of the passport on a smartphone or flashdrive for quick access if authorities or institutions need to view it for any identification purposes. Be warned, official institutions such as banks are unlikely to accept a scanned copy of an official document however for everyday use a scan should suffice.

Visit a physician, inform them of the intent of studying abroad, and get any prescriptions filled with an emergency ration along with a copy of the prescription. Certain drugs that are legal in the United States are not legal in other countries, so be aware and check the centers for disease control for a list of prohibited medicines.

Without the risk of sounding juvenile, but related to health and well-being, consider a buddy system. When traveling to another country one loses all their support systems. While at home, family or friends may find it suspicious when communications has been lost for a few days and can immediately check in. While visiting a foreign land, the prospects aren’t so great. Family and friends expect delays or loss of communication as their loved ones explore the surroundings with a new group of friends and constituents. As grim as it sounds, checking in with a local on a regular basis and leaving a rough itinerary on facebook may help keep track of a travelers movements. In the off-chance there is an accident, or perhaps it’s a matter of getting lost in an unfamiliar area, someone will be able to figure your location.

Sign up for an International Student ID Card (ISIC), membership will only cost $22 but can potentially save hundreds of dollars in participating retailers around the world. The card offers commission free airport currency conversion and potential discounts at museums, restaurants, sightseeing tours, movies and more.

Look for a good in-country pre-paid cell phone option because usage charges for United States cell phone providers will be charging long-distance rates. A prepaid calling card used to be the cheapest and most convenient option to make international phone calls however it often required wading through complicated menus and PIN numbers. When overseas it also added the hassle of needing to find a card which had the option of English menus. Today staying in touch with friends and family has never been easier with Pure Minutes.

Pure Minutes provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider. Subscribed callers simply dial a local access number and through modern “Automatic Caller Identification” software we can recognize a subscribed caller making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past.

Pure Minutes has no hidden fees, no connection charges, real minute rounding and can all be used without annual contract. For a limited time, new users can us the coupon code BIRDISTHEWORD to get a 30% BONUS on their very first recharge!

The PURE Minutes difference

• No Hidden Fees
• No Connection Fees
• No Maintenance Fees
• Real Minute Rounding
• No Contract Required
• Minutes Never Expire
• Low International Rates
• Reliable, Clear Quality

About PureMinutes

PURE Minutes is a leading provider of prepaid international long-distance calling solutions. We provide an affordable communication solution that offers flexibility, portability and ease-of-use for both landline and mobile users. PURE Minutes offers competitive international calling worldwide with no hidden fees, no maintenance fees, no contract required, and minutes that never expire. PURE Minutes service is sold on the web and through regional and national retailers including MoneyGram, La Nacional and payXchange and is available to customers worldwide in English and in Spanish and accepts payments through all major credit cards and Paypal.

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