Amazon Deal of the Day: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a multiplayer party game available in published hardcopy via purchase and as a free download that players can print off to create their own cards via print shops. Its development originated from a successful Kickstarter campaign and has since received nationwide acclaim for its simple mobile casino concept backed up by its satirical, mature content. The game is available under a non-free Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA.

Its title references the phrase “crimes against humanity”, reflecting its politically incorrect content while its tagline serves as a basic overview of Cards Against Humanity due to the game”s mature content and, often, dark comedy-like results.

Pick it up today from Amazon!

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Genetically, There's No Such Thing as a Mexican

Medical researchers, doctors and census-takers may lump Latinos or Hispanics into one group, but a giant study of Mexican genetics shows there’s really no such thing.

Mexicans themselves show such extreme diversity that someone from the dry north is genetically as different from someone from the Yucatan as a European is from an East Asian.

The findings, published in the journal Science, are important for medical research and healthcare, the researchers said.

“In this study, we realized that for disease classification it also matters what type of Native American ancestry you have,” said Carlos Bustamante, a professor of genetics at Stanford University.

“In terms of genetics, it”s the difference between a neighborhood and a precise street address.”

Before the Spanish conquerers arrived in the 16th century,Mexico was inhabited by Native Americans who had carved out their own, often isolated, kingdoms. These genetic differences show up even today, the team at Stanford, the University of California, San Francisco and the Mexican National Institute of Genomic Medicine casino spiele found.

“Mexico harbors one of the largest amounts of pre-Columbian genetic diversity in the Americas,” said Stanford’s Dr. Andres Moreno-Estrada. “For the first time, we”ve mapped this diversity to a very fine geographic scale, and shown that it has a notable physiological impact on an important clinical trait: lung function.”

They compared their genetic map to tests of lung function as measured by the volume of air a person can expel in one second or FEV1. They found a 7 percent difference in baseline FEV1 as they moved from populations in the western state of Sonora to Yucatan in the east.

“We were really fascinated by these results because we had expected that 500 years of population movements, immigrationand mixing would have swamped the signal of pre-Columbian population structure,” said Bustamante.

The differences hold even though most Mexicans are mestizos. “Today, the majority of Mexicans are admixed and can trace their ancestry back not only to indigenous groups but also to Europe and Africa,” the researchers wrote.

It will be important as medicine becomes increasingly tailored based on an individual’s genes. Their specific origin — not just a broad racial group — may provide crucial pointers.

“We can”t just clump everyone together and call them European Americans or Mexican Americans,” added Dr. Esteban Burchard of UCSF.

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Astronaut Tweets Sunny View of World Cup Host Sao Paulo

Astronaut Reid Wiseman tweeted a photo showing clear skies over Sao Paulo, one of the 2014 World Cup host cities, on Thursday. The photo was taken from the International Space Station.

The astronauts on the ISS will be watching the World Cup, according to NASA, and there may be a little friendly competition between American astronauts Wiseman and Steve Swanson and German astronaut Alexander Gerst when the U.S. and Germany play each other on June 26.

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Long Distance Relationship got you down? Stay connected anywhere around the world with Pure Minutes International Calling!

Long distance relationships can be tough and not for the faint of heart. The first stages of love always feel hopeful and positive but there comes a time where fears and doubt take over. Is this relationship worth it? Can this really work out? Do we have what it takes to make this relationship work?

Take a break from those negative feelings for a moment and consider this: Even in traditional relationships feelings of self-doubt and fear can exist. It’s natural to want to be reassured that feelings of love and admiration are shared and reciprocated. So what can be done? How can one cope with a long-distance relationship?

The strength of a long-distance relationship depends on the quality of the communication, and not necessarily the quantity. Maintaining an emotional connection is important, and while there are exponential amounts of ways to stay connected in this world, they each have benefits and pitfalls.

Let us count the ways.

Without a doubt the simplest and most beloved way to stay in contact is by phone. Hearing a human voice and all its little nuances makes all the differences in a conversation. A five minute conversation can be extremely satisfying for both parties involved, however long-distance rates can vary wildly and talk time can get expensive. Long-Distance Mobile solutions such as Pure Minutes can save you tons of money and is 100% FREE to sign up. These pinless calling cards are a great and convenient way to save money and keep in touch with loved ones.

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Skype video-calls are a close second, because absolutely nothing can replace being able to chat to each other face-to-face. However a quality internet connection might not always be available to both parties. The system is also generally limited to home connections, making scheduling conflicts a real possibility. Video calls are a great way to show off recent projects and make sure to set aside time to watch some shows together or do some cooking.

E-mail communication is effective, especially with intermittent or undetermined schedules, however may come off cold and impersonal. Make sure the e-mails are substantive and detailed, the time and effort will always pour through. Share triumphs, tragedies, photos or links to articles to make opening the e-mails a rewarding and interactive experience.

The last major way to stay in touch is the highly traditional, but timeless, hand-written letters and care packages. The importance of the letter has depreciated since the advent of the internet, however it is important to remember there is a high level of sentimentality through the physical post. When the recipient is reading a hand-written letter, while presumably snacking on some homemade cookies, it’s a far greater experience than reading typed word on screen. Receiving a gift in the mail is an exhilarating feeling, and as long as the gift is thoughtful it doesn’t even have to be expensive.

These simple tips can help maintain or even strengthen long-distance relationships and make it a little more bearable. The topic of discussion will vary from couple to couple, but however you plan to stay in touch will be all yours.

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Pure Minutes provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider. Subscribed callers simply dial a local access number and through modern “Automatic Caller Identification” software we can recognize a subscribed caller making the need for complicated PIN codes a thing of the past.

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Yaya DaCosta Tapped To Play Whitney Houston In Biopic

Yaya DaCosta has reportedly landed one of the greatest roles of all – playing the legendary singer Whitney Houston.

TVLine reported that the 31-year-old actress of Brazilian and Nigerian descent has been tapped to play the pop star who made “I Will Always Love You” and “The Greatest Love of All” chart-toppers in a Lifetime biopic.

The untitled TV-movie will chronicle Houston’s rise to musical stardom and her always volatile relationship with singer-songwriter Bobby Brown.

It will be directed by the actress Angela Bassett, whose most iconic role was 1998′s “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” and who can be seen in the current season of “American Horror Story.”

The Houston biopic will be Bassett directorial debut and is slated for a 2015 release.

DaCosta shot to stardom after making her television debut on “America’s Next Top Model.”

Since then, she has scored recurring roles on shows including “All My Children,” “Ugly Betty” and “House,” with her biggest success coming from her role in Lee Daniels’ “The Butler.”

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Ola Brasil! Team USA Lands In Brazil Ahead Of World Cup

The U.S. World Cup team has arrived in Brazil.

The Americans landed in Sao Paulo on Monday morning on a commercial flight from Miami and arrived at their downtown hotel on a bus with the American flag and the slogan “United by team, driven by passion.” A helicopter hovered overhead.

Four soldiers in fatigues, about two dozen police in riot gear and what appeared to be several plain clothes security stood outside the hotel, which is adjacent to a park on a tree-lined street. The Americans will train at nearby Sao Paulo FC until Friday. They then fly 1,450 miles north to Natal for their opener Monday against Ghana, the team that eliminated them from the last two World Cups.

An initial training session in Brazil was scheduled for late afternoon.

Appearing in their seventh straight World Cup, the Americans also play Portugal and Germany in the group stage.

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Kepler Space Telescope spies a ‘Mega-Earth’

You can add to the growing list of “exoplanets” a huge, dense, surprisingly rocky world with 17 times the mass of Earth. Discovered by NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope and announced Monday at an astronomy meeting in Boston, this new planet, officially named Kepler-10c, scrambles the equations that dictate how massive a rocky planet can be without ballooning into a Jupiter-like gas giant.

There have been Earth-sized rocky planets found out there in deep space, and a surprising number of “Super-Earths” that are up to 10 times the size of our own planet, but this one seems to fit into a category all by itself: a “Mega-Earth.”

The theorists didn’t see this coming. The orthodoxy was that, beyond about 10 Earth masses, a planet would hold onto so much hydrogen gas that it would become like Jupiter or Saturn. The fact that plus-size planets can stay rocky, with clearly defined surfaces rather than a dense envelope of gas, should indicate that there’s plenty of real estate out there where life as we know it could thrive.

“Nature will do what she wants, regardless of Earthling theorists,” said M.I.T. planetary scientist Sara Seager, who was not involved in the new discovery but said by e-mail that she finds it “incredibly exciting.”

Kepler-10c, which orbits a star 560 light-years away in the constellation Draco, isn’t likely to harbor life — it is too close to the parent star and the surface is roasted. If there were creatures somehow bounding around they’d likely be very squat. Gravity at the surface is about twice that of Earth’s gravity. The planet is 2.3 times the diameter of Earth, but is much denser.

“It’s still rock, but it’s rock that’s twice as dense as the rock we’re used to,” said Dimitar Sasselov, a professor of astronomy at Harvard.

The Kepler Space Telescope has found hundreds of planets and thousands of possible planets as it scrutinizes a relatively small patch of the sky. The telescope looks for periodic dimming of starlight as a planet transits the face of the star. It has long been assumed that planets are common in the universe, but now there is solid data, and it may be that virtually every star has at least one planet.

Less clear is the question of habitability. One bulletin Monday from the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston offered a reminder that there are a lot of ways that a planet can prove to be inhospitable to life. The “space weather,” for example, might be ghastly.

Astrophysicist Ofer Cohen of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics modeled the environments of three possible planets identified by the Kepler telescope, each apparently rocky like the Earth and orbiting their parent star in what is deemed the “habitable zone,” the region where water could potentially be liquid at the surface.

All three of those parent stars are common “red dwarfs,” also known as “M-dwarfs,” which account for about seven of every 10 stars in our galaxy. The “habitable zone” of these small stars is relatively close. But that brings into the equation another factor: The stellar wind, the particles streaming from the star’s surface. Cohen concluded that the stellar wind would likely have stripped away the atmospheres of these planets.

“These planets don’t reside in a vacuum, they reside in a medium that has a continuous flow of particles, mostly protons, that are emitted by the star,” Cohen said.

This is what happened to Mars, he said. Long ago it had a protective magnetic field, as does the Earth, and it held onto its atmosphere in the face of the solar wind. But Mars then lost its magnetic field, and solar wind stripped away the Martian atmosphere, he said.

This new research might alter the strategy of astronomers looking for truly Earth-like planets in habitable zones.

“Maybe we should not focus on M-dwarfs, even though those are so common. Maybe we should focus on the more sun-like stars,” Cohen said.

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The Coolest Stuff From Around the Web: Doomed Crystal Skull Shotglass

Looking for a unique glass to sip spirits? Consider adding this unique crystal skull glass to your collection!

This formidable shot glass is Fred’s tribute to the Skull of Doom, which Mayan legend claims has the power of life and death, the power to heal or to smite, the power to create miracles. We make no claims beyond these: this glass will hold 2 ounces of your favorite beverage and will stare right in your eye as you down your shot. Don’t blink! Hand-blown crystal-clear borosilicate glass, individually packaged in a colorful yet mysterious giftbox.

Buy it from Amazon today!

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Miss USA 2014: Nia Sanchez Wins The Title As The Most Beautiful Woman In America

Newly crowned Miss USA Nia Sanchez is a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo and says women should be able to defend themselves as a way to battle the problem of campus rape.

The 24-year-old from Las Vegas said bringing awareness to the issue is very important.

Sanchez beat out 50 other contestants from all the states and the District of Columbia on Sunday night for the title of 63rd Miss USA. First runner-up was Miss North Dakota Audra Mari. Sanchez will go on to represent the U.S. at the Miss Universe competition later this year.

In a vibrant red floor-length fishtail gown, Miss Nevada answered judge Rumer Willis’ question about the high rate of sexual assaults on college campuses. Willis, the 25-year-old daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, said 19 percent of U.S. undergraduate women are victims of sexual assault and asked Sanchez why she thinks the issue is being swept under the rug and what should be done about it.

Sanchez said women need to take it upon themselves to learn how to defend themselves. After being crowned, Sanchez told reporters she lived for a time in a women’s shelter at a young age with her mother and at age 8 took up taekwondo to learn self-defense and build her confidence.

As an adult, she has volunteered at women’s shelters, teaching residents how to defend themselves and teaching kids about “stranger danger.”

“I relate to them on a personal level because I’ve been there myself,” she said, adding that she plans to take her passion and knowledge for martial arts to the masses as Miss USA.

Sanchez also said she was “so proud to bring the title of Miss USA back to Nevada.”

“I’m so excited,” she said. “It’s a dream come true.”

Erin Brady, of South Glastonbury, Connecticut, the 2013 winner, gave up her crown to Sanchez after a three-hour telecast from the Baton Rouge Civic Center in Louisiana. Besides Mari, the next four runners-up, judged on interviews, evening gowns and swimsuits were: Miss Georgia Tiana Griggs, Miss Louisiana Brittany Guidry, Miss Florida Brittany Oldehoff and Miss Iowa Carlyn Bradarich. All the titles included USA after the state.

Bradarich got a second chance when the viewing audience gave her the most votes on Twitter in the pageant’s first-ever “Save the Queen” option.

The subject of sexual assault was also on the mind of Miss Pennsylvania Valerie Gatto. She made headlines this week when she said she was the product of rape. During a taped segment that aired when her name was called, Gatto said her mother was 19 when she was attacked leaving work in Pittsburgh and became pregnant.

Gatto said she is living proof “that your circumstances do not define your life.”

First runner-up Mari said she overcame being bullied in high school by competing in ice hockey. The Fargo, North Dakota, native wore a green floor-length evening gown and in her final interview talked about the importance of getting an education and going to college.

Contestants entered the stage on a glitzy float as Louisiana native singer-songwriter Marc Broussard sang the New Orleans hits “Iko Iko” and “Hey Pocky Way” to kick off the 2014 contest. The women introduced themselves while holding Mardi Gras masks in their hands as purple, green and gold confetti fell in the background.

The pageant also included musical acts by the country music duo Florida Georgia Line, rapper Nelly and Latin pop band Camila.

Celebrity judges walked a red carpet in evening gowns and tuxedos before the start of the show, posing for pictures and talking about the qualities they would be looking for in the beauty they crown the winner.

“It’s very important that she has confidence,” said Barbara Palacios, Miss Universe 1986 and a coach and judge for the new Telemundo reality show, “Miss Latina Universo.” ”The right attitude and perseverance are also very important.”

“It’s all about the eyes,” said Lance Bass of the pop singing boy group NSYNC. “I just want to see a girl that is just really having a good time up there.”

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The Bird is the Word to Save Money on Long-Distance International Calls with Pure Minutes

Making an international call from a cell phone is one of the most expensive calls one can make. Many cellular services make international calling available, but with rates as high as $2 a minute, customers are better serviced elsewhere. Many turn to prepaid phone cards in order to make international calls because the rates are generally more reasonable, but choosing can be difficult. All the different prepaid cards boast different rates, fees, and limitations and some shadier ones hope to catch customers off guard and trick users into spending more than expected.

Introducing Pure Minutes mobile long distance, a new way to save on international long-distance that’s as easy as picking up the phone. PureMinutes provides a low-cost international calling solution that works with any phone number, regardless of the current provider even when renting a temporary phone while overseas. This means that a user can enjoy the benefits of low international rates without needing to change their current landline or mobile cell phone service provider.

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A Consumer Report revealed that many calling card companies did not accurately reveal their rates or had rates so high that the entire cost of the card was consumed before the call actually began.

International calling companies like PureMinutes not only eliminated the cards but also offers rates that are simple and honest. After clicking on the Pure Minutes Rate Calculator simply type the country or region to get a detailed breakdown of the charges one is expected to encounter when making phone calls. Pure Minutes boast rates as low as 1.5 cents to Mexico, 2.7 cents to Brazil, 4.9 cents to the Dominican Republic, 9 cents to Jamaica, and 1.8 cents per minute to India as of release.

The revolutionary Pure Minutes system instantly recognizes subscribers through an automatic caller identification which eliminates the need for complicated PIN numbers typically found on calling cards. In fact, Pure Minutes has eliminated the need for calling cards altogether. Topping up the minutes has never been easier using any of the convenient recharge locations around the world or online with any major credit card, cash, or a paypal account.

Pure Minutes has no hidden fees, no connection charges, real minute rounding and can all be used without annual contract. For a limited time, new users can us the coupon code BIRDISTHEWORD to get a 30% BONUS on their very first recharge!

The PURE Minutes difference

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PURE Minutes LLC is a leading provider of prepaid international long-distance calling solutions. We provide an affordable communication solution that offers flexibility, portability and ease-of-use for both landline and mobile users. PURE Minutes offers competitive international calling worldwide with no hidden fees, no maintenance fees, no contract required, and minutes that never expire. PURE Minutes service is sold on the web and through regional and national retailers including MoneyGram, La Nacional and payXchange and is available to customers worldwide in English and in Spanish and accepts payments through all major credit cards and Paypal.

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