International students – how to save money when calling abroad

Today at Pure Minutes we will tell you how to make cheap international calls while you’re studying or working in other countries as United States. You might have see many options but you need to know how each of them works. You save money with Pure Minutes on your international calls.

cheap international calls for students

While you’re studying abroad you’ll want to find the cheapest and most convenient way of calling friends, family and tutors back home. There are several ways to save money when calling international numbers from US, for international calls

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you make discounted calls over the Internet. You can use it to make international calls from one computer to another as long as you and the person you’re calling have Internet access, preferably broadband. But unless you connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network your mobile provider will charge you for the data you use when making calls.

Some international calls packages are competitively priced and can help you to make significant savings if you regularly call international numbers from the US, but only if those countries fall into one of the call plans.

In this case, any calls you make will then be routed over the Internet.

no cheap international calls plans

An UK international calling plan for example, (if you want to call international landlines or mobiles) you should avoid using it when calling abroad, as doing so may lead to some very high roaming charges. UK’s main mobile phone providers have tried making cheap international calls but you will need a monthly contract.

On the other hand, with an international calling card you may call some international destinations since they usually come preloaded with credit. To make a call with an international calling card you dial the access number and enter your PIN, both of which you’ll find printed on the card. You then dial whichever number you want including the full international dialling code, and the cost of the call will be deducted from the credit on the card.

With some cards you may be charged on a per-minute basis for the call to the access number, and this charge may well be higher if you’re calling from a mobile phone. And check if your chosen card provider charges a connection fee for each call, as this too will be deducted from your credit.

International access numbers, as Pure Minutes‘ or “Simply Dial” services work with NO calling cards, you don’t need credit before you can call, just a mobile phone and the access number.

Using an international access number is a lot cheaper than calling straight from your landline. Your cheap international calls are possible at a lower rate than calling a landline in the same country.

Check the small print and keep an eye out for hidden charges such a connection fees for not that cheap international calls.

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