How do you make your international calling ?

Traditionally, international calling can incur a much steeper phone bill than domestic calls. However, Pure Minutes is one of best mobile phone providers to offer reduced rates for those who regularly call abroad. Unlike international phone cards, the service is otherwise just like regular Pure Minutes calling. Users needn’t dial any extra PIN codes or routing numbers and there are no hidden fees.

international calling lower

The rate per minute is dramatically lower on calls to many countries. The rate with the package may be as little as the normal rate if your international calls is exclusively to some countries, which features reduced rates on international calls and international roaming.

Dial correctly for international calls for all foreign countries and the procedure is the same, whether you are calling a land line or a mobile phone. Some countries have a leading “0″ in the local phone numbers, which are not necessary to dial when calling from abroad.

international calling landlines

Whether you have an international calls package, the per-minute rates are higher when you call a mobile phone. The difference varies; for some countries, it’s only a matter of a few cents, but for other countries, it can cost two to three times as much to call a mobile phone.

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