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We all know that prepaid customers can take advantage of International Services, including International Calling, Text Messaging and International Roaming in most countries. Pure Minutes customers can now call international locations!

call international locations

You can make calls to international locations at your per minute rate. Use your phone to send picture and video messages!

Argentina, Guatemala, Japan, Panama, Thailand, Australia, Guinea Bissau, Kuwait, Philippines, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, Guyana, Latvia, Portugal, Ukraine, Cambodia, Haiti, Liechtenstein, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Émigré, China, Honduras, Lithuania, Serbia, United Kingdom, Colombia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Hungary, Macau, South Africa, Cypress, Iceland, Malaysia, Suriname, Czech Republic, India, Nigeria, Switzerland, Denmark, Indonesia, Norway, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Isle of Man, Pakistan, Taiwan, etc, etc.

If you are on a Prepaid Plan with limited texting and you don’t have sufficient funds in your account at the time of renewal, picture and video messaging will be charged per message sent (per recipient) or received. If you are on a Prepaid Plan with limited texting and have a sufficient balance, you will receive limited picture and video messaging.

call internationalPicture & Video messages sent to phone numbers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico are charged domestic rates.  International Picture and Video message rates apply when sending and receiving messages outside the United States and excluding participating networks in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

call international rates

International messaging rates vary by providers. International users who want to send a text message to U.S. subscribers; simply go to

While in the U.S. some international destinations can be reached using dialing, International Long Distance rates apply in addition.

Customers can use their phone while traveling to international locations! You can stay connected and make calls while traveling outside of the U.S.

Availability of service and features, including the ability to make and receive international calls, varies by serving carrier and location. Locations and rates are subject to change without notice. Coverage only available on participating networks.

Service may be available in additional countries, but rates and service availability may be restricted. Call international where is available, calls placed to directory assistance, entertainment lines, and any third-party services.

call international from Italy to other countries

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