7 Reasons to Call Your Mother

If you are like me, you probably live abroad and your Mom is not around.  Believe me, I do love my mother but I had to clear the space in my head to make room for important things such as call international.

Here at Pure Minutes, we decided to do an article about this and hope that this reminds you to at least call your mother today.  And if you are searching for reasons why, here are a few to keep you grounded.

call international

  1. For whatever reason, any good genetics you possess seem to come from your mother.  Whatever positive attributes you have come from your mother.
  2. As soon as you reared your head from your mother’s nether region, she instantly became a good cook.  This doesn’t mean she is a world class chef but her dishes might include:  chicken noodle soup, cut up apple with peanut butter, grilled cheese, any kind of breakfast food and Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. All mothers’ are psychic.  So don’t think you are ever pulling the wool over your mother’s eyes. She knows. She knows all of your dirty secrets.
  4. Love.  When I call international, I swear that I could be in jail after a murderous rampage and my mother would still love me.  She’d find some way to still find the good in me.  Now I do  realize that there are better examples of love, but this one involved black metal so I had to include it.
  5. Nothing can be more devastating as The Look.  The Look often comes after you break some fine china, write with permanent marker on the walls or come home 3 hours late with whiskey on your breath, even if you call international.  The power of The Look can stop small armies and weaken the knees of all men.  In fact, The Look can even be given over the phone or a brief e-mail message.
  6. She taught you everything.  Sometimes my mom drives me nuts, but this is her job.  She mostly drives me nuts because I know she is right.  Moms teach you a lot of things and all of them are correct. For example, she told you to shower, eat your vegetables and fruit, and do your homework. She told you to get up early and be on time.
  7. I have yet figured out how to fold clothes like my mother. There is nothing better than getting a stack of clothes back from your mother, clean and folded.  First, the clothes smell like they are actually clean.

So there are 7 reasons why you should call your mom today.  You might be like me when I think about call international. Probably don’t call your mom as much as you should nor do you tell her how much you appreciate her.  I’m not saying this is OK, but your mom knows how you really feel.  But sometimes it makes her feel good to hear the words come from your mouth.  No matter what age you are, you are still her baby.

call international: Customers can reload their Pure Minutes

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